Third Grade Class 2015-2016

Friday, January 28, 2011

Hi, my name is Gabrielle.  This week we learned about soil.  We learned that topsoil is darker and holds more water, plus it has smaller particles.  Subsoil is lighter and has some rocks.  It's particles are bigger.  Bedrock is just rock.  It is a big sheet of rock.

We are reading the book Socks it is about a cat who got adopted by a family and they go on vacation.  When they get back they have a baby.  We are getting read to write our own stories.  When we are done we get to publish them and have our own book.We are getting ready to read about Pompeii and Friday, February 4th is volcano eruption day for third grade!  I can't wait!
                                                                               by Anna

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Non-Fiction Stories

We have been reading non-fiction stories this week.  That is stories that are real.  Last week we read about the Titanic.  It was really interesting!  We learned that the Titanic was called the "Rich Man's Special."  It sank in 1912.  After the Titanic hit the iceberg five of the watertight compartments flooded.  If only four would have flooded then the ship would not have sank.  There were 2,227 passengers and only 705 were rescued by the ship Carpathia.  It was really sad.    About 73 years later a scientist by the name of Robert Ballard found the Titanic again.

This week we read a story called Patrick and the Great Molasses Explosion.  In 1919 in the city of Boston the Purity Distilling Company's huge tank that held molasses exploded.  People and horses were covered with molasses.  The city was a sticky mess.  When Patrick went home his mom didn't believe his story until his dad came home covered in molasses too!



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