Third Grade Class 2015-2016

Saturday, March 5, 2016

February19 , 2016

This week we learned how to make  and draw rectangle prisms. We also learned about right angles and acute angles and obtuse angles in math this week. In science  we are  doing a project  on planets and I my project is on Neptune. Also we learned how to multiply by 10s.



Hi,my name is Hailey,I'm in 3rd grade.In literature we are learning about biographies and you get to choose! I choose Ben Franklin and his most important thing he did was inventing electricity!
He did it by taking a kite and tying it to a key. A storm was passing by and he touched
the key and it shocked him. Now he knew that lighting is electricity. He could control where he
wanted it to go. Ben Franklin is fun learning about and now you know all about what he did!
I hope you enjoyed learning about him.Bye

March 4, 2016

Hello I am Alejandro and I want to tell  about our week. We are going to have a cookie booth to  raise money to help Bryan Hill Elementary School.  We have been making poster for it at  indoor recess. We are learning about multiplying by  tens.  For example 40x3=120.   It is almost the end of this quarter.  We are learning pushes and pulls in science. We you push on something it pushes away from and when you pull on something it comes towards you.  I hope you enjoyed what we have been doing lately. Goodbye.

This week we are making a cookie table for Encore Night. It is really fun. We are making posters and cookies and are going to sell them at Encore  Night.  We are making boomerangs in Art for Encore night also.  Every grade has a country and third grade has Australia and we are making boomerangs for one of our projects.  We made African Animals for Encore Night as one of our projects too.  We did a planet Web Quest in Science.  II had Saturn and here is one fact : an 80 pound person would weigh 85 pounds on Saturn because there is more gravity.  



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