Third Grade Class 2015-2016

Friday, January 23, 2015

January 23, 2015

Third grade is so much fun! We learn about a lot. I like that we each have jobs. Toady we learned about planets in Science. I like Pluto. It's the smallest planet in space. The Titanic is so cool. In art we are making paper animals. We wrap them in yarn. P.E is fun. We are doing basketball. In math we are doing multiplication. It's a little hard. Library is so much fun. I like Spanish.  Jenna

We learn a lot in 3rd grade. In art we are making an Australian animal out of paper.We are learning multiplication in math. In gym we are doing basketball. It is fun. We are learning about the Titanic and Pompeii.  Jack

December 5, 2014

This week has been very exciting.  Let me tell you some things. We  are learning about friendly letters. We are going to write a friendly letter to the school helpers. Then we also went to the Chistmas store it was fun. Also we are reading, Because of Winn-Dixi. For memory we did the 4th commandment.

November 21, 2014

Hi, my name is Jake . I'm in third grade this week we went to gym and we stacked cups and we raced a partner and I beat my partner. In music we sang songs that we're going to sing in the Christmas play. And last we had the Thanksgiving feast the food was the best!!! And after that we went outside. Outside I played soccer . I almost scored a goal but our team still won 2-1. It was another awesome week at school.

This week was really fun. We had reading buddies. We had gym and played survivor we had recess and I played soccer. I was a really good defense. We had a Thanksgiving feast it was awesome!



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