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Friday, February 17, 2012

February 17, 2012

This week  we had no spelling. We made a Bessie Coleman cube and had a test on Bessie Coleman.  She was the first black women to fly.   Joshua  
We had no school on Wednesday and Tuesday.  We took a religion test. The religion test was ten questions.  We took a multiplication test.  The math test was sixty questions.It was kind of hard.  It was squares and nines.Jack D.

This week we had no school Tuesday and Wednesday.  We are still trying to raise $500 to help the orphanage for tables and benches.  We'll know next week that if we reached the $500.  We are learning about volume.  For volume multiply length and width and height.  Luke 

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  1. I'm excited to hear if you guys made your goal for the orphanage?



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