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Friday, March 9, 2012

March 9, 2012

We are having spirit wear today.We're having a Peprally.  We play volleyball and basketball with the teachers vs  8th grade students.Who will win. We're also reading Alice in Wonderland.So far it's a great book. We're publishing stories that we wrote. I'm realy excited!!!!!  Maddi

I like doing the biography presentations.  I did Harry Houdini!  The class did a great job.  We started voicethreading them today.  When we are done we will put them on our blog.  Joseph

I was excited about the pep rally we had.  Teachers won volleyball and students won basketball.  I like the book reports that we did.  I was Wilbur Wright.  More than 25,000 that came to his funeral.  He was the first person to fly a powered plane.  Luke

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  1. I think the blog was awesome. I really enjoyed
    the vidio.




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