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Friday, September 21, 2012

September 21, 2012

We are doing the book Tales Of The Forth Grade Nothing in reading and we are having a test on it in a couple weeks. We had computers today. Each of us made a slide about are Grandprents and Mrs.Hanson is going to put them into one big slideshow for Grandparents Day. Homework is't very bad yet. We also had reading buddies today. We have Mrs.Winter's class for reading buddies. I like to read to the first graders so they can get better at reading and I just like reading to them. I had some pretty hard words for spelling this week. Charlie

We are reading Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing so far it is good book.  We are making a Grandparents day slideshow.  Spelling is geting harder.  We are learning about plants in science.  Jack         

We are reading Tales of Fourth Grade Nothing. We are haveing  a lot of fun this year.
Love, Bella

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