Third Grade Class 2015-2016

Friday, November 8, 2013

November 8, 2013

This week we had chapel. We sang 3 songs, it was fun.Every Friday we have reading buddies.We have Math every day.We are learning about states  in social studies.We hade alot of fun this week.WE get to watch a movie if we get 5 letters. This is  Joshua Bartig reporting.

This week we had a science test.We are doing mystery projects and it is really fun. For our book reports we did mysteries.We just shared our book reports the other day.Every Friday we have music.We just finished a book called Hank the Cow Dog and it is really funny.We are spelling out the word movie.When we are done we get to watch a movie.               Kaitlyn

This week we learned about personal naratives. This week we cupstacked in gym. In art we are making clay owls. Cole

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