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Friday, May 4, 2012

May 4, 2012

We had a teacher called Miss.Miller that came from Nebraska!  She was really nice.  She left on Friday.Iwas really sad when she went back to Nebraska.  But on Friday we had a surprise party for her.  And everyone made a prayer for her so that it  would form a book.  I think Miss. Miller is AWESOME!!!

Hi this week we are reading a book called Grasshoper Summer.I hope it is a awesome book.  We have about three weeks of school left and my sisters birthday is on the very end of school!

Last week in gym we had to run a mile. It wasen't very fun. We went to see Cimpanzee it was fun.  In socal studies we are doing the Oregon Trail. I think it is going to be very fun .Because we are going to have families .


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  1. Thank you for posting a picture! I truly miss all the 3rd graders!



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