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Friday, October 19, 2012

October 19, 2012

In third grade we are learning about mysteries today and learning about spelling erorrs in school.
We are also learning about proper nouns and common nouns and newspaper articles.
Today we went to the bookfair and made a wish list there.
We had Junior Achivment today and did a price total thing today.  Jackson

  This week in Third Grade  we have learned alot, we are learning proofreading marks. We are also learning common and Proper nouns.  Today we went to the Book Fair and made our wish list. We also had Junior Achivement today, and we made our own Newspaper Articles. We had a Math test and a Spelling test. In Science we are learning about Rocks and Minerals. In Social Studies we are learning about election and how one canidate could have more popular votes but less election votes than the other candidate. We are doing a Mystery Unit in reading.

This week we have a lot of mysteries to read. We barley have any math this week. Readng buddies
are going great so far. My job this week is balls. My reading level is purple! I have to get
14 points this quarter!We are learning common nouns and proper nouns this week.


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  1. Hi Peeps,
    Learning about common and Proper nouns is fun! I like learning about the election in Social Studies. Who do you want to be president? I think learning about Rocks and Minerals is cool. I can read at Purple too, I have to get 15 points! I hope I did good on my Math and my Spelling Test. Junior Achievement was fun because we got to make our own Newspaper Article!
    I love Mysteries it is so fun finding clues.
    Can you guess who I am?
    See you Monday!



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