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Friday, November 2, 2012

November 2, 2012

In class this week we had three tests in these subjects: Math Spelling English. We had our math test first because it was on Wednesday are other two tests were on Friday. In English we are learning how to combine sentences like:I ate pizza.I ate ice cream. I ate pizza and ice cream.by Joe Wind.

Hi friends,This week in Mrs.Hanson's class we have been working on the 10 commandments.  The 1st: You shall have no other Gods.We have also been working on nouns,GE words for spelling & rocks & minerals for science and we have a science test on Wednesday November14th. The month of Novmber our book report is about animals.And we just brought our October book reports & are going to show our friends next week.Pluse we had Miss.Winter's class as our  reading buddies on Friday, my reading buddy is named Lucy & she is so cute.love LEXI#1*

Hi,in Mrs.Hanson`s class we`ve been working on different kinds of nouns, common & proper.For a example a proper noun is:Lexi or Cloe a common noun is:horse or cat.
We`ve also been studying rocks & minerals.We`ve brought our mystery project.On Friday`s we`ve
got reading buddies.My reading buddy is Lexi,today is her birthday.She`s so cute!lol!Love,CLOE#15*!

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