Third Grade Class 2015-2016

Saturday, December 8, 2012

December 7, 2012

This week we have done a lot of things!
In religion we are learning about God Appears On Mount Sinai. Also we are doing a devostion every morning until Christmas break and we have to guess what God wants for Christmas. Everyday we do a devostion we guess what was in the present for clues and to build our manger set. We have only done math three days because we are doing a Christmas Tea for our reading buddies next friday.In math we have learned about Fractions equal to 1/mixed numbers, equivalent fractions, and finding fractions and mixed numbers on a number line. I am fractioned out! We finished the book Winn-Dixie!
I encurige you to read this book! We have also done english. We've learned about Subject Verb Agreement, and past tense verbs. We have a science test Wednesday and our study guide is due Monday. We have taken our spelling test this week on "au" and "aw". Now you know only half the things we've done this week.

This week has been alot harder than last week!!!
We have done math,alot of reading Winn~Dizxie,English, and Science!!!  In English we are learing about verbs and nouns!!! This week has been the funnest week of school so far!!! We are counting days till Christmas. Next Friday we have a tea with our reading buddies!!! I love reading buddies alot!!! In religen we are learing about God appearing on Mount Sinai!!!


In third grade we are doing explanitory writing . Science we are learning about hurricanes,lanslides, tornados, and earthquakes. In math we learned about all sorts of fractions .


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