Third Grade Class 2015-2016

Friday, November 30, 2012

November 30, 2012

Hi, in class today we are learing about friendly letters.  We are spelling out the word ice cream. We only need 2 more letters. We get them if we get a complement or if we are really quiet.  We are reading Winn- Dixie. It is such a good book. It is about a girl and her dog. Our next book report is a fairy tale. Our book report that was due today I did a wanted poster over a animal. Mostly everybody did a puppet. I read Jess the Lonley Puppy. For my fairy tale book I am doing Dog Magic. It looks like a good book. For the fairy tale book report we have to do  an ornament. My favorite subject is art and reading and  the last one is music. My worst subject is MATH!!!My favorite sport is soccer and horseback riding. Guess who I am.

Hey, in class we are learning about science. We are learning in science about landforms.We have a test in a couple weeks. Also we are learning about verbs, and present verbs. My favorite subject is reading. We had a math test today too. We are working on a explanitory writing. Also we have been doing tally marks. Who ever gets the most tally marks wins. They get a jolly rancher. Guess who I am.

Hi,today in class we are doing friendly letters. We did our spelling test today. We are lerning about landforms. My favorite subject is socal studies. We also did our math test today. Also we are lerning about verbs,and presant verbs. Also we are doing tally marks. Right now the groups are tied on tally marks.  Gracelynn

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