Third Grade Class 2015-2016

Friday, February 8, 2013

February 8, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!In school we are learning about Bessie Coleman.She is cool to learn about.In science we are learning about the planets.Mars,Juipitar,Pluto,Uranus,Earth and the ones I forgot.We had a class spelling bee.Sadi won first Lauren won second and I am the alternate.Well Happy Valentine's Day !Emma Steinmann 

I am so exited that we get three days off of school. Our Valentine's party is this Thursday. I can't wait! In math we are learning about shapes. Mrs. Hason's birthday is Monday. We had reading buddies today.My reading buddie is Zach.In science we are comparing planets. I am comparing Jupiter and Saturn. Happy Valentine's Day!

I cant wait until Valentines Day it sounds so exciting!
Did u know we are learning about the planets?My group project is Saturn  and so is Charlies. He's in the same group as me!We took a spelling test today. In math were are on lesson 67, thats a big number right?We are working on pareallagrams.They have to have two sets of parrell  lines.In religon we are leaarning about Samson.Did you know he could kill a bear in almost 5 minutes.He also took out 30 Philistines.Thats like 1 VS 30!!!!!In reading we are reading about Bessie Colmen.
She was an African-American famous pilot. Who has her very own pilot school.

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